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Brazilian Virtual Competitions Announces Strategic Partnership with North Pole Engineering to Integrate Runn Device for Enhanced Virtual Running Experience

Brasília, December 21th 2023

Brazilian Virtual Competitions, a leading provider of virtual sports competitions in Brazil, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with North Pole Engineering, a pioneer in innovative fitness technology solutions. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the virtual running experience by integrating the Runn device, turning any traditional treadmill into a smart connected device compatible with major virtual running applications on the market.

The partnership combines Brazilian Virtual Competitions expertise in virtual sports competitions with North Pole Engineering's cutting-edge technology, Runn. This collaboration will provide users with a seamless and immersive virtual running experience, offering enhanced connectivity to popular virtual applications used for fitness and competitions.

The Runn device, developed by North Pole Engineering, is a state-of-the-art sensor that easily attaches to any treadmill, transforming it into a smart device capable of syncing with virtual running platforms. This integration opens up new possibilities for participants in Brazilian Virtual Competitions events, allowing them to engage in virtual races, challenges, and training sessions with unprecedented realism and accuracy.

Key features of the Runn device include real-time speed and incline tracking, distance measurement, and precise data synchronization with virtual applications. This ensures that participants have a truly immersive and responsive experience when competing in virtual races or training sessions hosted by Brazilian Virtual Competitions.

"We are thrilled to partner with North Pole Engineering to bring an elevated virtual running experience to our community of athletes and enthusiasts," said Schubert Abreu, CEO and Founder at Brazilian Virtual Competitions. "The integration of the Runn device will not only enhance the accuracy of performance tracking but also provide a more interactive and engaging environment for our participants."

North Pole Engineering is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. "We believe that the combination of our innovative Runn device with Brazilian Virtual Competitions virtual sports events will set a new standard in the world of virtual running" said Daniel Stallings, Director Of Marketing And Business Development at North Pole Engineering. "Together, we aim to redefine the way individuals experience and participate in virtual running events in Brazil."

Brazilian Virtual Competitions and North Pole Engineering are committed to pushing the boundaries of virtual sports and fitness, and this partnership marks a significant step toward providing users with a more immersive and connected running experience.

For more information about Brazilian Virtual Competitions and the integration of the Runn device, please visit .

About Brazilian Virtual Competitions

The Brazilian Virtual Competitions are a pioneering initiative that aims to boost virtual sport in Brazil. Founded in 2020 with an initial focus on virtual cycling, the competitions expanded their scope in 2024, introducing virtual running, virtual rowing and virtual triathlon. With an ongoing commitment to innovation, accessibility and community, Brazilian Virtual Competitions are poised to transform the way Brazilians experience sport.

About North Pole Engineering North Pole Engineering is an Internet of Things products and engineering services company. For over 25 years, North Pole Engineering has been specializing in providing sensors and enabling technologies to companies across a wide range of vertical markets including sports, fitness, and wellness. Our goal is to help clients integrate cost-effective technology for their sensor-based products and systems to efficiently move data to the Internet where it can be used to enhance operations, reduce costs, and improve client experiences."


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