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The Virtual Triathlon represents a fascinating evolution in sports practice, integrating elements of the digital world with the physical intensity characteristic of traditional triathlon. This hybrid modality provides a unique experience, combining the enthusiasm of outdoor sport with the flexibility and accessibility provided by the virtual environment.

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Swimming takes place in an indoor pool, while cycling and running are integrated with apps using smart trainers and treadmills strategically positioned next to the pool for a quick transition.


Technology plays a crucial role in this sport, allowing athletes to record and share their performances through apps and online platforms. Results, times and rankings are easily accessible, fostering a global community that can challenge each other, regardless of the physical distance that separates them.

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The Virtual Triathlon hybrid modality not only offers flexibility, but also creates an engaging and motivating platform for practitioners, encouraging personal overcoming and connection with the global community of triathletes. In this way, the Virtual Triathlon emerges as an exciting and innovative way to experience triathlon, integrating the physical and the virtual to provide a unique sporting experience.

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