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Brazilian Courses Raise the Standard in Virtual and Real Competitions!

No, you are not reading science fiction, but living an increasingly current reality.

The Brazilian Virtual Competitions are a pioneering initiative that aims to boost virtual sport in Brazil. Founded in 2020 through Ciclismo Virtual Brasileiro®, the company is expanding its scope of modalities in 2024, through the introduction of virtual running, virtual rowing and virtual triathlon. With an ongoing commitment to innovation, accessibility and community, Brazilian Virtual Competitions are poised to transform the way Brazilians experience sport.

Recently, the International Olympic Committee, after the great success of the Olympic Esports Week, announced the creation of the Electronic Olympic Games, reinforcing the importance of greater engagement through social media and electronic sports, following recommendation 9 of Agenda 2020+5 which says:

“The development of virtual sports and greater involvement with the video game community”.

The main objectives are:

- leverage the growing popularity of virtual sport to promote the Olympic Movement, Olympic Values, sports participation and direct relationships with young people

- strengthen the roles and responsibilities of IFs in establishing virtual competitions and simulated sport as a discipline within their regulations and strategies.

- launch exclusive Olympic products and experiences through virtual and simulated forms of sports, in support of the IOC's digital engagement strategy.

- consider adding virtual physical sports to the Olympic program in cooperation with the respective IFs.

- support local partnerships between sports and video gaming communities to encourage young people to participate in physical activities and with the Olympic Movement.

- make Olympic athlete-related online programs and digital tools available to the competitive video game community to support their physical and mental well-being.

It is worth mentioning that Brazilian Virtual Cycling® won 3rd place in the Sport and Innovation Award held by the Brazilian Olympic Committee in 2022.

Today we are a reference in the sport on the Brazilian scene, with the creation of 100% national routes in partnership with the ROUVY platform.

But this is not just where we can go, as more than ever companies, through their BRANDS, can be inserted into the virtual universe and seen by thousands of people through live broadcasts on social media.

Today we have 34 Brazilian routes in augmented reality, including the official routes of the real events of L´Etape Brasil, Challenge Brasil and Grand Fondo Brasil, which allow athletes to train not only in an immersive visual way, but with real altimetry data; and for brands, a way to insert and fully visualize their products.






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