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Brazilian Virtual Competitions take Sport to a new phase in 2024

Brasília, 18/12/23

In Brazil, the sporting scene is about to experience an exciting revolution with the launch of BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL COMPETITIONS in 2024.

Following the notable success of BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING®, which began in 2020, competitions are evolving to include additional modalities, such as virtual running, virtual rowing and virtual triathlon.

This expansion represents not only a milestone in Brazilian virtual sports, but also highlights the commitment to providing inclusive, exciting and accessible sports experiences for athletes of all levels.


BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING®, introduced in 2020, has gained a dedicated community of enthusiasts and athletes, setting a high standard for Brazilian Virtual Competitions. With the introduction of stunning scenery and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, virtual cycling has become a vibrant competition platform, connecting cyclists from across the country and the world.

Expansion to New Frontiers: Virtual Running, Virtual Rowing and Virtual Triathlon

In 2024, Brazilian Virtual Competitions are expanding their portfolio, incorporating additional modalities to challenge and further engage athletes. Virtual running will allow runners to explore challenging virtual scenarios, while virtual rowing will provide an immersive experience on "virtual waters." Additionally, the virtual triathlon will combine swimming, cycling and running, promoting a unique hybrid approach for beginner and professional triathletes.

Virtual Running for gyms and clubs

Through a partnership with Technogym and Garmin, Brazilian Virtual Competitions will offer training and devices to gyms/clubs interested in a new approach to using treadmills , fully connected to the virtual world.

Gyms and clubs will now have the opportunity to take their members' training to a new level using virtual platforms. Every step, every kilometer covered is accurately recorded, ensuring that participants reach their goals.

Competitions Between Units:

Foster a healthy competitive spirit between gyms and clubs through inter-unit competitions. Challenge your members to reach new limits, promoting unity and motivation throughout the community.

Global Community and Exciting Challenges

Brazilian Virtual Competitions not only seek to create a competitive environment, but also promote a global community united by their passion for virtual sport. The introduction of exciting online challenges, events and competitions will allow athletes from all over the world to participate, share experiences and celebrate their achievements.

About Brazilian Virtual Competitions

The Brazilian Virtual Competitions are a pioneering initiative that aims to boost virtual sport in Brazil. Founded in 2020 with an initial focus on virtual cycling, the competitions expanded their scope in 2024, introducing virtual running, virtual rowing and virtual triathlon. With an ongoing commitment to innovation, accessibility and community, Brazilian Virtual Competitions are poised to transform the way Brazilians experience sport.


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